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Assisted living communities
offer residents a nurturing environment in which they can get the most out of their retirement years. Your loved one can enjoy social activities and camaraderie in common areas and quiet, personal time in individual living accommodations. But how can you keep your loved one safe when they are enjoying valuable time spent alone?

Learn about five tips that can help keep your loved one safe in their assisted living apartment:

1. Ensure the space is clean and clutter free.

Remove any objects or electrical cords that might cause your loved one to trip and fall. Minimize the risk of objects becoming a safety hazard by eliminating unnecessary clutter.

2. Observe your loved one’s daily routine.

Regularly observe your loved one performing daily living activities such as getting in and out of a bed or a chair, tying their shoes and performing basic grooming procedures. Check to see if they have any difficulty with these tasks and ask what kind of assistance they need to make them easier.

3. Be sure your loved one has easy access to a call button for help.

Should your loved one have a safety mishap, it’s important that they can quickly call for help. Ensure they have access to a call button from their bed and any sitting areas where they spend much of their time. Consider a call button that is worn around the wrist or neck.

4. Ensure detectors work properly.

Periodically check to see that smoke and carbon monoxide detectors work properly and have plenty of battery life.

5. Discuss emergency plans often.

Make certain that the staff has outlined detailed safety plans in the case of an emergency and that your loved one fully understands these plans. Review these rules with your loved one from time to time and consider practicing the procedures with them.

Brookdale Senior Living understands the importance of safety in assisted living senior care.  We value our residents as individuals and accommodate them accordingly.

Contact us today to tour one of our facilities and to learn more about the Brookdale Senior Living experience.

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