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Optimum Life®



At Brookdale we know that every resident has unique dreams and passions that continue to grow throughout life. That is why we work to create a place that goes well beyond physical support-to a socially connected community with opportunities to challenge the mind, lift the spirits, revitalize purpose and nurture the heart. We call this Optimum Life. And we believe that everyone can live one-regardless of challenges that may come with age.

We blend the unique spirit of each community and its residents with our award winning, evidence-based programs to provide a customized, integrated pallet of opportunities designed to support the pursuit of living well. And to inspire all the places that each life can go.

Signature Programs

At the foundation of an Optimum Life is the ability to maximize functional abilities. Our Brookdale Fitness B-Fit exercise program is designed with that as the goal. This cutting edge program encompasses the latest research and guidelines for seniors to provide a fun, holistic and stimulating exercise experience. The class incorporates components of Tai-chi with brain challenging movements and meditative relaxation designed to exercise the mind, body and spirit. And, we customize the class to accommodate the needs and challenges of each resident's abilities.

Optimum Life Health Talks

In these educational opportunities, residents benefit from the expertise of Brookdale nurses and therapists to learn about health and wellness topics of interest. The latest research and updated solutions are presented and discussed in an interactive format. A focus on holistic well-being relates each topic to the six dimensions of wellness alongside of conventional medical treatments.

The Ageless Spirit

The Ageless Spirit class provides opportunities for residents to explore the role of spirituality in their individual lives, health and overall well-being. Within the program’s class structure, participants discuss and reflect on topics such as how positive thoughts and attitudes benefit their overall health; the role journaling plays in life review and in processing the challenges of aging, and the potential of gratitude and giving back in creating purposeful pursuits in daily life. An Ageless Spirit Meditation CD, created by Brookdale experts, allows participants to experience simple breathing and relaxation techniques that help to reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

Signature Programs

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