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Our mission: Enriching Lives

Your Brookdale experience will offer much more than a place to live. Our residents share a common value: to be recognized as individuals, to lead lives with a sense of purpose and to maintain connections with people and interests that are meaningful to them.

Your story, your life interests, and what's important to you are all important aspects of your individuality. We take the time to listen and to understand your wants and needs. This helps us provide a lifestyle solution that creates the most fulfilling experiences for you every day. We are constantly innovating new and better methods for enriching the lives of our senior living residents.

Some Brookdale innovations and programs include:

The full spectrum of senior living options, including independent living, personalized assisted living, Alzheimer's and dementia care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing.
Therapy by Brookdale, that provides rehabilitation, fitness and educational offerings, as well as home health services.
Brookdale's Optimum Life® is our philosophy of well-being and part of our overall culture of caring. It features a holistic approach to health, life, fulfillment and aging, offering everyone the opportunity to live at their peak level of wellness.
We know that every resident has unique dreams and passions that continue to grow throughout life. That is why we work to create a place that goes well beyond physical support-to a socially connected community with opportunities to challenge the mind, lift the spirits, revitalize purpose and nurture the heart. We call this Optimum Life. And we believe that everyone can live one-regardless of challenges that may come with age.

We blend the unique spirit of each community and its residents with our award winning, evidence- based programs to provide a customized, integrated pallet of opportunities designed to support the pursuit of living well. And to inspire all the places that each life can go.

Brookdale Celebrates is an award winning program featuring Celebrations monthly themes that engage the body, mind, and spirit. These programs provide social interaction, a fun experience and life fulfillment.
We operate our own Culinary Arts Institute as a training ground for our chefs and dining staff. The Culinary teams at Brookdale use our fresh approach as well as in-house bakery programs, Signature Seasonings, Optimum Life menu options, and customized menus based on resident feedback to create exceptional dining experiences.

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