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At Brookdale, we believe that our Clare Bridge Program is a bridge of understanding, acceptance, and commitment to dementia care that protects the spirit of each resident. We believe that a commitment to dementia care means ensuring that our residents experience “Daily Moments of Success”.  Our Clare Bridge program is deeply rooted in the philosophy of Person Centered Care. It is our belief that if we meet the basic person centered needs of each resident, we are ensuring Daily Moments of Success each day.

Person centered needs include; a need for a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose, a need for meaningful daily activities, a need to maintain relationships, and above all a need to preserve a sense of self. Many of the Clare Bridge standards of care and programming help us to meet the person centered needs of our residents every day. A resident feels a sense of belonging when he is greeted in the dining room each mealtime and taken to “his” spot where he sits for each meal, every day. Our residents feel a sense of purpose when included in the Life Skills program each day and experience meaningful daily activity through the various offerings in the Daily Path of Life Enrichment. We strive to help our residents to maintain relationships in many ways. It is our standard practice in a Clare Bridge not to rotate staff, but rather to have consistent assignments of care associates to residents. This is a practice we believe creates a sense of familiarity for the residents, and encourages special relationships to develop. Helping our residents with dementia to preserve a sense of self is really our Job #1. We accomplish this by truly knowing our resident’s history and individual “life story”. We encourage our Alzheimer's Care associates to read the life history information of each resident and to honor preferences as we provide care. Life Enrichment opportunities are also based as much as possible on a resident’s past skills and mastery. It is our goal to provide care and programming in ways in which the true “self” of each resident is honored.

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