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So, you’ve finally made the positive decision to move into a retirement living community. This new experience can offer you the chance to downsize your responsibilities and downsize your excess baggage. Sometimes, lightening your load can free you up to engage in new, worthwhile and rewarding experiences.

Moving from a home to an independent living apartment offers you a chance to have a fresh start where clutter is a thing of the past. When decorating your new retirement living apartment, your number one rule should be less is more. While it may be intimidating to disregard things you have spent a life accumulating, in the end, it is just stuff. The memories will move with you wherever you choose to live.

Decorating the Bedroom

Since the apartment will take a little while for you to get accustomed to, it is important that you decorate the bedroom in a way that will keep you safe and comfortable. If for some reason you need to get up in the middle of the night, it is beneficial to keep a clear path from your bed to the door. Also, placing a lamp on a bedside table will make it easier for you to maneuver safely in the dark.

You can choose to purchase a nightstand or bring one from your old home. A nightstand will be the perfect place for a lamp, an alarm clock, books and magazines.

Decorating the Living Space

The living room will probably be the space in your retirement living apartment that you spend your most time. Decorate in a way that makes you excited to be in the space and that would offer an appropriate area to entertain. When you have visitors, this is where they will spend the majority of their time, so furnish the room with comfortable chairs, a plush sofa, stylish end tables and a decorative coffee table.

Be sure the room also houses things you know you will need like a telephone, tissues, paper, pencils and of course your favorite family photos.

However you choose to decorate your retirement living apartment is up to you, but remember to keep it clean and simple. Bring only your most precious keepsakes, photographs, albums and books, and bring only the furniture you will actually need. Brookdale retirement living communities offer you the chance to clear the clutter from your life and start living again. Take advantage of this opportunity for a fresh start and a new adventure.

Find a Brookdale Retirement Living facility in an area near you today and contact us to find out all we have to offer.

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